Skin Magic

by Cari Balbo

Production today centered on making many tins of "Man Hands" hand cream. This deeply moisturizing hand cream is actually unisex but I created it initially for all the hard-working men in my life whose hands need some serious TLC. With a scent more woodsy than flowery but not overwhelming in any way, this cream has a base of lavender-infused tallow combined with both cocoa butter as well as an olive oil that has been infused with 10 different herbs that benefit the skin. After the addition of several essential oils including frankincense, cypress, and lavender (to name a few), the cream gets whipped up like frosting, waiting to get slathered on the nearest skin needing serious attention. Gardeners, farmers, carpenters, and health professionals who wash their hands constantly throughout the day are just some of the people who could benefit from this potent skin potion. It may be a silly name but there's nothing silly about how your hands will feel after using this. Will be available for sale when Ridge Pond Herbals launches soon.