Comfrey & Lavender Balm

by Cari Balbo

I'm a bit smitten with these pots of Comfrey & Lavender Balm. The base ingredient is the same as Green Monster Salve: comfrey leaf- and root-infused olive oil and beeswax. To that deep green miracle base I add lavender essential oil for a scent I find calming and grounding. I hover over the bowl, inhaling deeply, while this is cooling.  After a good beating in the mixer the balm is creamy and smooth, much easier to spread on the skin than a salve. You can use it anywhere on your skin, including your face, for the powerful regenerative properties of comfrey, for the moisturizing olive oil, or for the aromatherapy and healthy skin benefits (anti-inflammatory, healing) of lavender (or for all of the above, of course!). Keep this on hand for frequent use, and be sure to give yourself a little extra time to rub this concentrated balm into your skin. Think of that time as "me" time and couldn't we all use a bit more of that?


As with most all of my products, there are no preservatives in this balm so using within 6 months after opening is a good idea. Don't hoard it too long! Seriously though, it will probably be perfectly safe after 6 months but after several months a whole, natural product like this starts to decline in quality. Generally safe to use, just not as powerful as it is fresh. Lastly, as with anything new on your skin, be sure to try a patch test at first. 

You can find this wonder balm for sale at the Farmers' Markets I attend (weekly in Gardiner, Wednesdays 3-6 on the Common and every other week in Yarmouth, Thursdays 3-6 at 317 Main) and it will be available in my soon-to-open Etsy shop. Members of the Crooked Door Farm CSA will also be able to order Comfrey & Lavender Balm as one of their weekly add on options. Enjoy skin pampering and relaxing aromatherapy all packaged up in this little pot!