For my grandfather

by Cari Balbo

My grandfather would have been 93 today. While he's often in my thoughts, on the occasion of his birthday I wanted to share one of my favorite photos of him, taken by my uncle Charles.  

Photo credit: Charles Eiben

Photo credit: Charles Eiben

One of the most influential people in my life, my grandfather taught me the importance of family, education, travel, curiosity, languages, food, and appreciating the pleasures of life. He was a wonderful grandfather, a devoted father and husband, and above all found his highest purpose in being a doctor, a care-giver. Another time I'll tell the story of how he (my mother's father) and my father's mother, got married when I was six years old and spent the next 30 plus years as the most romantic couple I've ever known...

In our last conversation just before he passed away, I was able to tell him that Mike and I had closed on this special place here in Palermo. It means a lot to me that I could tell him we were moving back to the area we grew up in, a few minutes away from my parents (a fact that pleased him to no end). In that last phone call he asked me to keep him posted on our progress here on the farm.  And that's why I have this blog, why I take so many photos documenting our life here, my business, the seasons here in this magical spot in this magical corner of the world. I do it for him as well as for our family and friends far and near and anyone else interested. But first and foremost to keep a promise to someone who did so much for me over the years and whom I will always love and miss. Happy birthday, Grandpa. xoxo