While I have never been a girlie girl, I have always been borderline obsessive about my skin and keeping it healthy and soft. I am also drawn to lovely scents. Over the years I’ve spent more money than I ever want to calculate on a plethora of creams, lotions, perfumes and what-have-you. Several years ago I grew uncomfortable with all of the chemicals that go into those products I was putting on my skin, the body’s largest organ. At the same time, my way of eating was shifting to one that was more local, bulk, whole, and organic. With these changes and realizations I began reducing the types of things I was putting on my body and increasing my knowledge and use of herbs and other natural ingredients. I began incorporating herbs into my food, my cleaning products, and my beauty products for overall health and vitality. Herbs, for me, represent a huge swath of the plant world that we limit ourselves in consuming internally and externally, and otherwise making full use of.

Ridge Pond Herbals represents products I create based on what I’ve learned while exploring the world of herbs and herbalism. More information about my products and where you'll find them is on the SHOP page of the website. Many of my products will be offered consistently (in my Etsy shop and elsewhere) because these are products that have helped me and my family. These are products I always have on hand at my house. You might find that you want to keep them on hand as well. 

Other products will be limited, made in small batches and may not return to my shop consistently, but I offer them because I’m excited about them and want to share them with you. If some of those products end up being popular I may decide to add them to my standard line of offerings. I do offer custom orders for anyone who wants something I don’t currently offer. Contact me for more details. I am always dreaming of other ways to share my products with folks. Look for an herbal CSA in the future, and let me know if you have other ideas.

I’ll share stories about the products I make on the Ridge Pond Farm blog page where I also share our life on this farm in rural Maine. 

- Cari